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Meet the Requirements:

  • You must be over 18 years old and have over 1,000 followers.
  • Access TikTok Shop Backend.
  • Create a Commission Account: Follow the prompts to set up your account. (Link: Sign up now)
  • Add Products to Your Showcase: Start adding products.
  • Promote and Earn: Create engaging content around the products and earn commissions on sales.

Lacking more than 1k followers?

Join TikTok shop to not only apply for our free samples but also to showcase and sell our products through engaging and creative content. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity and boost your sales! (link: Sign Up Now )

How to start?

Sign Up

Sign up to TikTok Shop using a phone number and email address. The account will be used to log in to the Seller Center. (link: Sign Up Now )

Complete the application

Verify your identity with a certificate of incorporation, US passport or a US driver's license. (link: Sign Up Now )

Get approved

Check your email for confirmation of your approval. *Actual application review time may vary. (link: Sign Up Now )

Link your TikTok account

Link your TikTok account to your shop and start selling! (link: Sign Up Now )

What documentation is required to register for TikTok Shop?

For individual applicants, the applicant must provide the following information and documents for verification purposes:
- Legal Name (including your first name and last name, with middle name optional)
- Date of birth
- Residential Address
- A photo copy of a valid U.S. government-issued ID from the following list:
- U.S. Passport
- U.S. Driver's License
- ID Expiration Date
- The last 4 Digits of your Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

For business applicants, the applicant must provide company registration information, including but not limited to:
- Business Type
- Company Name
- Employer Identification Number (EIN)
- Registered business address
- Business address (if different from registered business address)
- Beneficial owners of the company being registered may need to provide:
- Legal Name
- Date of birth
- Residential address
- Percentage of ownership (only if "beneficial owner" is chosen)
- The Last 4 digits of SSN or ITIN (except for public companies)

(link: Sign Up Now )

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Inspirational Cases


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Nis has a highly engaged and unique relationship with her audience.


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Cassidy consistently produces captivating content, and her collaboration with Chiclifeart not only attracted a larger following but also enabled her to monetize her creative passion.

About Chiclifeart

Our extensive range of products is perfect for creators looking to craft captivating TikTok videos, showcasing their creativity while monetizing their talents. We wholeheartedly support content creators in their artistic journey and strive to empower them to thrive.



Where can I receive a commission?

To start earning commissions, simply join our affiliate program and showcase our products on TikTok. Once you've added our products, you'll have access to order details and receive commissions based on the product's commission ratio. TikTok handles the distribution of all profits.

How can I share my affiliate links?

How you choose to promote Chiclifeart is up to you. You know your audience better than anyone, so we encourage you to be creative! To share your links, you can use actual text copy or embed the affiliate link into an image or video.

How to review your affiliate orders:

1.In the Commissions tab in the app, click on "Affiliate orders" 2.Here you can see every product ordered by your affiliate agreement 3.There are 3 classifications of orders; "Not Settled", "Settled", "Refunded"

  • Not Settled: The order has been paid for
  • Settled: The order has been settled
  • Refunded: When the order has been refunded

4.The order classification will appear in a grey box on the upper right hand side of each product

When do I get paid?

You will receive the commission on the 15th day after the order is in Delivered status.

Are there any fee?

There are no fees associated with the Chiclifeart Affiliate Program. It is completely free to participate.


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