How to get free samples?

Email us at (partner@chiclifeart.com) or leave your email address below.

How can I share my affiliate links?

How you choose to promote Chiclifeart is up to you. You know your audience better than anyone, so we encourage you to be creative! To share your links, you can use actual text copy or embed the affiliate link into an image or video.

How to review your affiliate orders:

1.In the Commissions tab in the app, click on "Affiliate orders" 2.Here you can see every product ordered by your affiliate agreement 3.There are 3 classifications of orders; "Not Settled", "Settled", "Refunded"

  • Not Settled: The order has been paid for
  • Settled: The order has been settled
  • Refunded: When the order has been refunded

4.The order classification will appear in a grey box on the upper right hand side of each product

Are there any fee?

There are no fees associated with the Chiclifeart Affiliate Program. It is completely free to participate.

How does the affiliate program work?

You can add affiliate products to your TikTok Product Showcase and earn commissions on qualifying purchases. Commission rates is 20%~30% .

How do l access the affiliate program?

The affiliate program is available for all creators To access the affiliate program, you need to verify your name and make sure it matches the name on your beneficiary account. Your name can't be changed after it is submitted for verification. lf the information is inaccurate, the withdrawal can't be processed and you won't receive your commissions.

How do estimated commissions work?

When you are finding products in the Product Marketplace and the Product Detail Page, you can check the estimated commissions. The estimated commissions are based on the discounted prices that most users can use. The actual prices and commission earnings may vary if consumers use different coupons.

How do l receive commissions?

You'll earn commissions from qualifying purchases of affiliate items. Your commission is calculated using this formula: Commission =(Revenue - Refunds) x Commission rate, which may vary from the estimated commission displayed on the Product Marketplace or product page due to consumers using different coupons. After a customer purchases one of your affiliate items, we'll show an estimated commission on the affiliate orders page. This estimated commission is not final. Your final commission is calculated based on the actual revenue.

When will I receive the commission?

You will receive a commission on the 15th day after the order become delivered. Commissions for some orders may take longer due to disputes or refund or return requests. Commissions can't be paid until the dispute or request is resolved You can see your withdrawable commissions in the "Commissions" section of the E-commerceCreator Center and add your beneficiary account to withdraw your commissions.

How do l contact customer support?

lf you have any questions about the affiliate program or your commission, contact our team(partner@chiclifeart.com). Include a full description and any relevant details, so we can help resolve your request.

We're here to help!