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Join chiclifeart affiliate monetize on TikTok

Over 5,000 Creators are already leveraging their creativity on TikTok to earn substantial commissions, effortlessly generating an additional monthly income of $3,000.

How to get free samples?

As a valued member of the Chiclifeart alliance, you have the opportunity to easily connect with us through two established channels.

Firstly, you can directly send an email to our team for any inquiries or concerns that you may have.

Alternatively, you can choose to apply for samples of our products through either the chiclifeart.com or our designated TikTok shop.

Thank you for being a part of the Chiclifeart alliance. We look forward to continuing to work together and providing you with the best products and services available in the industry.

Product Commission

Chiclifeart provides industry-leading commission rates in comparison to other affiliate brands. Our commission range for products is between 20% to 30%. Furthermore, exceptional content creators may also be eligible for additional bonuses.

Content Creator

TikTok is a creator-friendly platform, but does TikTok Shop foster that feeling? We think so. Some cool stuff available to creators are:

Integration Simplicity: Add your products to your showcase with just a few clicks and then measure their performance. No third-party tools or weird limitations—TikTok Shop lets creators peddle their wares quickly and efficiently.

More opportunities: If you want to get free products to promote, you can contact us directly through chiclifeart.com or TikTok Shop.


Affiliate for Creators

  • Get free samples
  • Easily find popular products for sale
  • Recommend products in TikTok showcase or video or live broadcast
  • Get up to 20-30% sales commission


Affiliate Plans

  • Contact us request free samples
  • Add Chiclifeart's TikTok shop
  • Get creative introducing the product to your followers on TikTok